AdaptEar intro

The original idea for AdaptEar® came from BAFTA award winning sound engineer, Steve Blincoe, who along with his colleagues in broadcasting was using earpieces with PMRs and other broadcast communications systems. Steve realised that earpieces are very sensitive and require little power to generate some very high levels of sound, whilst PMRs are designed to work with low sensitivity headsets.

Using them together can be a dangerous combination due to the high level of sound they can generate.

Steve also observed the difficulty of connecting to different types of PMR and broadcast communications systems and the problem of monitoring two sources simultaneously.

AdaptEar® was specified to solve these problems.

AdaptEar® WEEE Registration Number WEE/KJ2875RS

the solution

Steve Blincoe went to see his old friend and eminent design engineer, Richard Glover and together they came up with two products; AdaptEar® and LimitEar. To find out more about AdaptEar® click here.