Our Company

LimitEar Ltd is a highly innovative UK company specialising in devices that protect users of earpieces from high levels of sound.

Our patented technology breaks new ground in hearing protection helping users who might be exposed high sound levels to rely on the safety of their communications devices whatever their working environment.

This website focuses on AdaptEar®; if you require more information on LimitEar Ltd or the other products we are developing please go to www.limitear.com.

Our Product

AdaptEar® - Protects and Connects

AdaptEar® is fitted in-line between a sound source such as a Walkie Talkie or Private Mobile Radio (PMR) or a broadcast communications system and the user's earpieces. Once adjusted to match the sensitivity of the earpieces AdaptEar® provides the user with protection against high levels of sound. The sensitivity adjustment allows the user to set the output level to suit the sensitivity of their earpieces. Whilst limiting the sound level in the earpieces AdaptEar® also provides a clear visual indication that it is working and that maximum safe listening level has been reached. AdaptEar® provides a return path for a microphone to the device it’s connected to.

AdaptEar® has a range of adaptor leads available to allow connection to a wide range of equipment. It also has two inputs enabling the user to monitor two sources simultaneously, for example two PMRs, a PMR and an MP3 player or a PMR and a Smartphone.

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